Monday, September 20, 2010

Music Is The Medicine Recap

On Saturday night, I attended Music Is The Medicine, a benefit show put together by my boyfriend's friends at the Beachcomber in Seaside Heights, NJ. The show was designed to raise awareness and funds for veterans struggling with PTSD. Six different bands played that night, including Threats to Chesney.

The boy is the one in the orange jumpsuit. Fitting for a wanna-be prosecutor, right?

I spent most of Saturday afternoon frantically packing my suitcases, preparing for my flight to California. We managed to get to the venue while it was still light outside though, so we snapped a few cutesy couple pictures before it was time to start manning the t-shirt table.

With every ticket purchase came your choice of mustache for the evening. I chose "the scoundrel" and enjoyed it very much. Most people were confused about why they were being given mustaches, until they heard the song, "Where's My Mustache" when it all became clear.

I was exhausted by 1am and decided to take a little nap in a booth in the corner of the bar. Apparently there are pictures of me napping with my mustache on. Great.

The boy and his friends performed at 1:45am. Needless to say, they rocked the house.

We got back to the house at about 3 in the morning and promptly fell asleep. We were up at 7am, preparing to leave for the airport. The boy's father was incredibly nice and drove us to the airport since we were both still pretty exhausted.

I was a bit of a mess at the airport, breaking down into tears several times while the boy stood around pretty helpless to do anything about it. I was ok once he walked away and I went through security, but I felt awful all day. I forced myself to sleep during the flight so I wouldn't have to think about it.

My dad was so happy to see me when he picked me up at the airport, as was my mom when we got to the apartment. She had prepared my favorite food as a welcome to California. I had about an hour at the apartment before I was whisked away to spend the week in Apple Valley, mostly to attend a Gala dinner for my dad's hospital.

Little knitting to report but lots of adventure in its place.

My mom's going to teach me how to make my second favorite dish, Ashe reshteh, today. I'm excited! Pictures and recipe are soon to follow.

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