Tuesday, September 14, 2010

First Post

I've been meaning to start a knitting journal for the past few months, but never seemed to be able to get myself to commit to one. Once I realized how much time I was spending reading other knitting blogs on a daily basis, it seemed only fair to start contributing my own work to the world.

I am by no means a great knitter. I haven't spent my entire life knitting. I will probably never move beyond making fun knitted (and crocheted?) things for my family and friends. But knitting is something I really enjoy doing and learning more about. I also hope to learn how to spin my own fiber to make yarn.

I feel inspired by all the lovely work I've seen out there on the internet, and especially in the blogosphere, and hope that maybe I can help along a fellow novice knitter gain some of her (or his) own confidence, too.

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