Friday, September 17, 2010

Smith Lady

I had a fantastic day yesterday! After breakfast, the boy's mom, sister, nieces, nephew, and I went down to Smithville for some fun shopping. The village was incredibly cute and the prices were surprisingly reasonable. We walked through cooking stores, clothing stores, soap stores, and more. I purchased two really cute hats and an adorable greenish/brownish top. Before we left, we enjoyed a delicious lunch at Fred and Ethel's.

Apparently, the village goes all out for Christmas, lighting up all the buildings and most of the trees for the holiday season. I would love to come back to see that!

Later that evening, the boy picked me up for a surprise dinner cruise on the River Lady. We were the youngest people on the cruise by at least 20 years and we were seated right at the front of the boat. Needless to say, while I restrained myself a bit, I was still incredibly affectionate towards him during the whole time. About 20 minutes after we finished our salads, the boat pulled into a dock to wait out a storm that was passing over the area. We ended up remaining docked for at least an hour and a half, eating dinner right where we were. I think other people were disappointed about not getting a tour of the river, but the boy and I had a great time just talking. It's going to be difficult being away from him, but I think we've been bracing ourselves enough so that we'll be ok until he's able to come out to California to visit and meet my family.

I took out the yarn I've accumulated and projects I've started while I've been staying in New Jersey this summer. It's... quite extensive, especially given that I already took a whole bunch of yarn and needles with me to California earlier this summer. I finally feel organized though and excited to start going through all this stuff.
No more yarn buying for me! At least, not until I finish all the projects I currently have started and plan to start for holiday knitting.

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