Saturday, August 10, 2013

Miscellaneous happenstances

The past few weeks have been filled with horrible, awesome, wonderful, and fun events and activities.

The horrible: my beautiful cat, Ginger, went missing on July 15, 2013.
This cat is one of the sweetest, smartest, friendliest creatures you are ever likely to meet.

While I haven't completely given up hope, I've come to accept that she's probably not coming home.

The awesome:  I had an opportunity to spend a week of my life as a camp counselor for a fantastic organization that reunites siblings separated in the foster system for a week of activities. 

Camp to Belong was both one of the best and loneliest weeks of my life.  The camp organized typical summer camp activities such as archery, bb guns, swimming, and zipline.  But it also organized special events that separated siblings don't often get to do with each other such as birthday shopping, a joint birthday party, a trip to the beach, and a carnival. The kids also got to make pillows for each other and scrapbooks for themselves to remember the week.

I can barely wait for camp to begin next year.

You can watch a segment produced by NBC news about it here.

The wonderful: I adopted two kitty cats from the animal shelter on Thursday!

I've tentatively named the black one "Sheytoon" for now, which means "mischevious" in Farsi.
 I've tentatively named the brown one "Hassood," which means "jealous," since he likes to do whatever his brother does.
They are both incredibly sweet and loving.  I have a feeling that Sheytoon is going to be a handful, though.

They both let me sleep throughout the night, which a welcome surprise.  But started running around and exploring the moment I opened my eyes. 

 Sadly, I'm not keeping both of them.  I'm most likely going to keep Hassood and give Sheytoon to my boss.  While the cats will live at our respective houses, we'll both bring them into work each day so they can see each other and play.

The fun: I bought a spinning wheel!  While it was a little challenging at first to remember how to spin (I took a class close to two years ago), it came back to me relatively quickly and easily.

I've got about three hanks(?) of yarn ready to be washed to set the twist.  I just haven't had the time/energy to do it yet with this crazy work week.

I can't wait to spin some more!