Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Apple Muffins & Falling Leaves

Despite the fact that we've had record heat in LA this week, I am ready for fall!

I've been meaning to try a particular "Autumn Loaf" recipe for about 2 weeks now but finally gathered all the ingredients and motivation to do so this morning. Boy, am I glad I did! The recipe was incredibly easy to make and the results are fantastic! I had one for breakfast with a glass of milk and am excited to snack on these for the next few days. I've never really been a muffin girl, but that all changed when the boy's sister made her delicious banana-chocolate chip muffins earlier in the summer and I realized how easy it was to make muffins at home. I duplicated her banana muffins last week (substituting walnuts in place of chocolate chips) and they were phenomenal. Afraid that I would tire of banana nut muffins, I've been gathering different muffin recipes for the past few weeks. Today's Autumn Loaf muffins will definitely be repeated. I'll probably try making a different kind next week.

I casted on and started knitting a "Falling Leaf" scarf  for the boy's mom as her Christmas present. I have some beautiful burnt orange yarn in Debbie Bliss Fez that would be fantastic with this pattern, but I'm afraid it wouldn't get much use during wintertime. Instead, I opted for a nice Berroco Comfort yarn in a white-ish/cream color. The leaves sorta look like snowflakes, right? I've been looking for falling leaf hat patterns, too. I'd really like to give her a nice, matching scarf and hat set.

I've also been making slow and steady progress on my December Little Shawl. I figure it'll be done in a week so I haven't been rushing to finish it. Just knitting a few rows here and there, in between other projects.

I really should continue working on my crocheted blanket, now that I'm here in LA. I predict many nights of movie-watching on the couch so I really should finish it.

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