Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Anniversary Knitting

In anticipation of our 6-month anniversary, I rushed to complete a hat and fingerless glove set for my boyfriend.

Why would I rush to complete a hat and gloves in early September, even though the weather doesn't begin to get cold here until late November? Because I move out to California early this Sunday morning.

 Law school is over. The July bar exam has been taken. I attended my college roommate's September 5th wedding and on Saturday night, I will watch my boyfriend sing and play music with some of his best friends at a benefit show they've spent the summer putting together. I'm out of excuses to hang around and my family is antsy for my return home.

Irish Hiking Hat (pictured left) made from approximately 140 yards of Lana Grossa Giro Yarn using size 8 needles. I modified the pattern by only knitting approximately 3/4 inch of K2, P2 ribbing at the beginning, since I wasn't sure whether I could finish the hat with the amount of yarn I had, but it worked out just fine.

Dashing gloves made from approximately 160 yards of Lana Grossa Giro Yarn using size 8 needles.

He loves both the hat and the gloves-- so much so that he wouldn't stop wearing them a few nights ago after I finished knitting them! 

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