Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Moving In

I finally moved into my parents' apartment in LA. The place is a total mess since I've got boxes and belongings scattered everywhere. I've slowly been putting together the kitchen and my knitting materials. I still have to get my closet and bookshelves sorted. I need to complete everything before my parents show up on Friday afternoon for the weekend. 
That is a picture of my yarn stash, which does not include 7 balls of yarn I'm using for my crocheted blanket, a scarf I've already got on needles, a beautiful green wrap I started in NJ, and my December shawl. I... need to stay away from any yarn stores for a while... or at least until I finish my holiday knitting and all the projects I currently have in the works.

In other news, I joined a gym yesterday! I had a training session this morning (followed by 20 minutes of cardio) and a rather intense yoga session this afternoon. When I wake up tomorrow morning, I'll head over there for a 20 minute or so light cardio session. I really really want to get in shape and start having more energy. I often start exercising and then quit because I lack motivation and have too many distractions. This gym is literally 2 blocks away and with no bar studying (yet), I really have no excuse to avoid exercising. So, here's to a new start, I guess.

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