Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Crochet and a slightly fumbled Fetching Glove

My boyfriend's mother taught me how to crochet two nights ago and I must say that I am addicted. This is a very simple afghan throw, but I think it is coming together very nicely.
Thus far, I've only used the beige, chocolate, and barley (Vanna's Choice by Lionbrand), but I'm thinking about adding in some of that muted turquoise (Berroco Comfort) into the mix as well.  I'm not sure if that is a good idea since the yarns are made of different fabrics, so washing it may be a little difficult. I'll try it out though and see how I feel about it. The great thing about crochet (aside from the fact that it goes so quickly) is that even if you need to rip something out, it's very controlled. I hate having to unravel knitted things because I'm awful at picking up live stitches. I usually end up just frogging the whole project instead, usually giving up hours of work.

Case in point: a pair of fetching gloves I started as a holiday gift for my boyfriend's younger sister.
I started knitting these gloves last night while I was watching and listening to my boyfriend's band rehearse for a benefit show they are putting on this Saturday night.  The show is taking place from 7pm-2am on Saturday, September 18th at the Beach Comber in Seaside Heights. Proceeds from the show will go towards ending Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in our troops.

While the glove looks good from this view, I actually forgot to do the first cable row for the last three cable sections, resulting in a glove that looks like this on the other side:
I noticed this error right before I started the 4x1 ribbing section for the palm. I thought about frogging it and starting all over, but then I decided that I sorta like the way it looks and will keep the three poorly cabled sections in the palm of the hand and will adjust where the thumbs need to be to compensate.

I really love the color of these gloves, even though I was hesitant when picking it out at the yarn store. I also love the way this yarn is knitting up and will definitely go back to the yarn store later today to pick up some more.

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