Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hiking! ...and a bit of crotchet, too!

My friend Michael invited me to go hiking with him yesterday afternoon. I was thrilled!

Although I've wanted to go hiking all summer long, I never managed to make it to any of the weekly hiking meetup groups--the idea of battling midweek afternoon rush hour to drive 14 miles just to get to the beginning of a hike always seemed pretty silly.

Then there was Death March, a 14-mile hike from the San Fernando Valley to the Pacific Ocean, for which I impatiently waited-- just to be unable to do since I had an all day mediation class downtown.


Michael, my hiking buddy!

You can see downtown LA in the background...

The best shot of 'purple hour' I could get with my i-phone's camera.

The last bits of rush-hour traffic on the 405.

Thanks Michael for getting me out hiking again!
In yarn related news, I picked up about 9 skeins of wool/silk blend yarn at the UCC's rummage sale: all for 3 dollars/skein (more than half off retail prices).

Since I'm not knitting Christmas gifts for anyone this year, I decided to start myself a true Granny Square blanket, one that will be warmer and more useful on cool winter nights here in LA.

Since I've still got 2 active knitting projects (the Sunset Shawl and some fingerless gloves to go along with my Potato Chips Scarf), I'm going to take my time with this blanket, crotcheting only a couple of squares per day.

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