Monday, August 8, 2011

222 days and counting...

I like the idea of having a countdown on this thing rather than a marker of how long it's been since my heart was last broken.

Noah and I have been really great about sharing our enthusiasm with each other over this upcoming marathon. We tell each other about our runs, what we've had to eat that day, various tips we've picked up from different running sources. I'm so happy to have him training with me, even if he's doing so 3000 miles away.

I ran 5 times last week for a total of 13.73 miles. I have run 2 times this week so far for a total of 7.65 miles. One of them was a 5 mile run. I have not run 5 miles since highschool!

In knitting news, I've been slowly working on two scarf projects. I typically hate scarf projects but I wanted something relatively mindless to work on while I was cat-sitting and now baby-sitting.

The first is my Raspberry Chocolate Braided Scarf:

The second is my Peach Potatoes Scarf:

Who knows when I'll have time to finish these...

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