Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I celebrated my 26th birthday with a puppy-shaped cake, courtesy of my parents, and Monday mimosas with my friend, Sarah.

I went dancing in the streets, literally, with my mom to celebrate the Persian New Year.

I then flew to Denver for an ADR conference and to help the SHU DRS team became National Semi-Finalists at the student Representation in Mediation Competition.

My hotel, the Brown Palace Hotel and Spa, was lovely.

I especially loved the glass-stained windows and ceiling.

And even had a chance to walk around a bit on the first day of the conference. I loved this guerrilla knitting I came across, so much so that I had to snap a few pictures.

I also found the best used bookstore I have ever visited in my life. This is essentially what I want my house to look like, with its brick, high ceilings, comfortable furniture, and exposed wood paneling. And of course the bookshelves overflowing with books.

I haven't been knitting. I lost the mojo after Nick and I broke up and I haven't had the will power to force myself back into it. I miss him, though I'm not in pain over it anymore. How can I be when I moved 3000 miles away? The key has certainly been getting out there, meeting people, and going out on dates. Still no one special on the horizon, but I am certainly having fun with it.

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